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  • 1.0
    Took my deposited money and never got back to me.
  • 1.0
    Absolute fraudsters
    Made an account with them, deposited money twice and they never updated my balance so I was not able to use or get my money back. Emailed them over 2 months and received no response. They have very disrespectful live chat consultants. STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS.
  • 4.0
    Reasonable Minimum Deposit
    only need to deposit $100 to open a live trading account.
  • 5.0
    50% Deposit Bonus
    I got an extra $250 in terms of deposit bonus from this broker
  • 5.0
    A couple of words about VantageFX
    A couple of words about VantageFX broker that I trade with. It's a fine broker in general and I don't regret choosing it. Their help in setting up the platform through the Team viewer helped me a lot at the very beginning. A lot of my questions were settled at once. This broker has three accounts: standard (stp) with $200 minimum deposit and two ecn accounts – raw and pro – with $500 and $20k minimum deposits. I trade on stp and I'd like to switch to ecn. This broker has very low spreads from 1.4 pips on a standard account and from 0 on ecn accounts. Rebated are offered on a standard account. The discount amount is calculated with a number of standard lots you traded multiplied by $2. This is a nice feature that I haven't seen at other brokers'. And I haven't had any problems with funds withdrawal. Both small and large amounts are withdrawn quickly, faster than the stated deadlines. I think this broker is reliable. ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission) serves as a regulator. This company proved itself as a reliable guarantor and its license is valued among specialists. I wish one could trade with shares with this broker, but I was told that when a broker has a lot of assets, it makes one question the reality of ecn accounts.
  • 1.0
    Worst customer service
    New to the broker. Tried many many brokers on the market. This broker has literally the most stupid and painful customer service among ALL of them. The management and system is a mess and you'd be lucky if you could have anything done smoothly. The information they give is always inconsistent and it seems they don't know what they are doing. For example, I wanted to deposit by neteller, and the live chat staff told me that would take days to approve, while almost all other do it immediately; I was told by them the card deposit is instant if I cannot wait, but then when I did it they suddenly come up with card copy request (it's normal, but this broker does not inform me this in advance but just told me 'go ahead, give us money it's instant by card') - and again they said the card copy could take days to approve; I wanted to change my leverage, but again they told me to send email request and it shall take days to approve. They claim they're a regulated and serious broker and all these are required by rules, however, the funny part is, my friend did everything I just mentioned like instantly via their live chat - that makes me doubt if this broker is actually serious and well regulated/organized, or they just tell you anything to get your money. So far I feel a bit suspicious and I will withdraw my funds immediately once its 'approved' by them.
  • 1.0
    stupid and incompetent broker
    stupid and incompetent broker. They never going to let you withdraw and also never going to reply to your emails.
  • 4.0
    You get the peace of mind trading with this broker because they are tightly regulated by ASIC. There is nothing more distressing than finding out that you cannot withdraw your money because the broker that you signed with is a scam broker. With Vantage Fx, you can rest assured that this will never happen.
  • 4.0
    Only $100 to open account
    All these companies ask for crazy ammounts. Let me check you first that you are not a scam before I will give my money.
  • 4.0
    Social Trading Supported

    No Welcome Deposit Bonus

    Quintilian Paredes Alcalá
  • 4.0
    Trade Rebates given is a good trading incentive

    Trade rebates given helps to lower the cost of trading

    Marco Gersten
  • 5.0
    Access To The Enhanced MT 4 Platform

    You can use the MT4 platform on your desktop, browsers or mobile devices

    Guillaume Gabriaux
  • 5.0
    Provision For Binary Options Trading

    You can also trade binary options with this broker

    Patrick F. Sørensen
  • 5.0
    Strict Oversight by AISC

    With the highly regarded ASIC regulating the broker, you get peace of mind trading with them

    Jonathan Donoghue

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